The Modern Rise of Anal Sex

The Modern Rise of Anal Sex

The popularity and prevalence of butt sex today could be aptly described by what is correctly pointed out here:

In 2014, the chances a woman was previously fucked in her asshole by an ex-boyfriend are greater than the chances that she washed and folded his jeans and t-shirts which if you think closely, is higher than the rank of chastity cage use among men. In fact, anal sex overcomes the popularity of chastity in London!

With modern societies increasingly becoming unnatural today, it doesn’t seem surprising that even “unnatural” sex is now considered as natural.

And in the same societies which sometimes seem to be hypocritically hung up on sex itself, I find anal to be sometimes ironically over-hyped and pedestalized to the point of a modern day obsession, especially when it is increasingly becoming common among modern women today. Familiarity to anything over a period of time does breed contempt for it—and as predictable sex with the same woman gets boring over a long time. Anal is no exception to that rule too.

A few “anal” observations on societies today
After personally experiencing quite a number of women, I’ve learned quite a bit when it comes to their attitudes towards anal sex. As many other men alongside me might’ve already found out, it’s something which can be found commonly practiced even by the “conservative good girl” types. Additionally, I’ve found that the women who tended to be most enthusiastic (or skilled) about it were:

Dark Triad Women
Women who hated pills and contraceptives
Intellectual types
Women whose friends were into anal
Cougars and Older Women
Tattooed women
Single moms
Pseudo “virgins”
Women on their period
Women desperately seeking a relationship or marriage, or sexual validation of their femininity’
Women who pursue you (usually they have their own agenda)
Basically, the list encompasses most types of women, doesn’t it? Some of the types mentioned on this list might overlap too. Besides, some additional observations were:

1. Some of the worst female hypocrisy can be seen with how some modern women use or perceive anal

In today’s modern world, female hypocrisy along with female hypergamy is unchained. And in a world where men are constantly and hypocritically demeaned by women about their wealth, age, relationships, careers, and sometimes even gender politics, what’s even more amusing is to see female hypocrisy when it comes to sex.

Moreover, I’ve encountered women cheating on their men by offering anal exclusively saying that it didn’t count as sex. On the flip side, some of these same women cheated on their men by offering anal exclusively saying that anal was something special they reserved for the men they truly desired (the men whom they cheated with)—and not for the unfortunate men they already were committed to in their lives.

Worse for those men feeling jealous, whose women weren’t interested in anal—after these women had already done it enough times before with others to know that it wasn’t really their thing. Thus, anal either meant taking a non-meaningful casual “reverse dump” or “intimate soulful sex” for such women—depending on their hypocritical reasoning and mood for it.

2. Anal sex’s popularity today is partly influenced by overrating, over-hyping and over-promoting the female ass, in today’s world

Don’t misunderstand me. Like many other fellow men, I’m an ass man, but not an anus man. Flash back to 50 or even 20 years ago. What was usually considered the epitome of female sex appeal at that time? Large titties.Today, it’s primarily the female ass, which has always been a important factor in female sex appeal since antiquity, but even more so today. Moderation is often lacking (even in hyping something) in today’s modern societies which breed excess in everything.

3. Rising porn viewership and its increasing promotion in porn is making anal sex more popular

The physiological and psychological effects of modern day pornography are already well known.

Porn often influences human sexuality more than ever today, especially with increasing consumerism as well as its easy availability today. Today’s porn actually promotes “analworship,” along with “assworship”—with anal becoming a staple in almost every heterosexual porn scene. With the influx of porn into homes and the oversexualization of women in modern societies, it’s common to see modern men being increasingly pornified, baited, and socially programmed towards anal.

4. Anal sex’s value and popularity, however, varies from culture to culture

You’ll find conflicting sensibilities among people throughout the world when it comes to butt sex. Anal sex may not be everyone’s cup of tea and still remains taboo in some parts of the world, and some even have anal sex scandals exposing chastity cages in men which for some is not common too! It really varies.

5. It can sometimes be found just as often in sexually repressed or traditional societies

Bullshit on the modern feminist claim that “most men pressure women to take it up the back door.” I’ve seen pseudo “conservative” women or pseudo virgins mostly use anal and oral to enjoy “pleasure” before marriage. But, at the same time, we have modern women themselves giving reasons as to why women should have anal sex. Who’s pressuring these women again?

6. A woman’s skill at anal sex (or the elasticity of her anus) is a major slut tell

‘’Whores will give you in bed what your wife won’t’” was a ‘relevant’ aphorism in olden times. Out of those things given, anal was common, which was probably one of the whore’s “specialties.” However, with the rise of whorish or slutty behavior in today’s modern societies, more often than not there is not much difference between an ancient whore’s and a modern woman’s sexual expertise and experience.

Thus, you need not necessarily find a whore to “specially” provide anal today, especially in times when modern women often begin sexual experience through the back door during their years on the cock carousel. The more loose her anus and the more eager she is for butt sex, it could indicate her (vast) prior experience in riding the cock carousel with her butt (hole).

7. Anal sex is still a popular choice of birth control with modern women

It’s something which is not only restricted now to “professional” working girls and rural women, as in earlier times. I’ve seen modern, career women who simply wanted anal because they didn’t like pills or condoms.

With more men fucking eager modern women in their asses, it shouldn’t surprise many about an innocuous factor which might be contributing towards falling birth rates and rise of HPV and other STDs in modern societies. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is that in a hypocritical feminist modern world where male sexuality is often demeaned, women can be (and often are) more “perverted” than men.

8. The definition of virginity in the modern world is often a joke, thanks to rising popularity of anal (or even oral) sex

This hypocrisy of pseudo-virginity (women claiming to be virgins while taking up the ass or mouth) has been even been showcased and parodied in porn.

9. Anal sex can be pleasurable – under certain conditions. Not always, and not with every woman

Anal scenes in porn require a lot of preparation, as the actresses usually have to take an enema to avoid crapping during the shoot and for anal play. What you seen in porn can carry great health risks if you’d try to replicate it without proper precautions in real life. Anal sex can be gross and disgusting in real life, unlike what you see in porn.

10. Women who do it frequently tend to have mental issues or personality problems

At first I didn’t believe this, but after observing and knowing women who were into it, there seems to be some truth to it. Quite a number of times, I’ve noticed BPD type behavior or in some even worse cases, dark triad behavior commonly in these women.

11. A sizable number of modern women mostly think they’re porn stars

Possibly influenced by the increasing narcissism and popularity of porn among modern women too. However, the lack of enough anal hygiene among some modern women is sometimes quite apparent. Bangable women can still be gross, and even grosser when it comes to anal.

12. Anal sluts could be good at sex, but don’t ever commit to them.

I’ve seen quite a few men in real life choosing to commit to women solely because of the woman’s willingness and expertise at anal. True, she might be a great fuck, but if a man’s shameless enough to desperately wife up a woman whose asshole has been used as a sperm receptacle by Tom, Dick, Harry, and Pimp Daddy prior to him, who could help him?

Anal is often used as a “power move” today by women to sexually ensnare and dominate men into commitment, as compared to being a sexual domination move used by men on women.

So if she’s ever ready and eager for anal during the first time you’re doing her, do keep in mind that she could’ve (or must’ve) provided the same to many before you. Don’t gloat about her and what her ass can do for you in bed, and do try to ascertain her real motives for providing anal.

I’ve often felt sorry for men who’ve walked down the altar wifing up an ass which had been opened up by (many) men before. Probably the previous anal penetration that their brides enjoyed from others didn’t count as “real sex” for these grooms, as much as it didn’t for their brides.



The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex, and picnics. ― Christopher Hitchens

When it comes to anal, personally I’d say to each man his own. Don’t tell a man what type of woman he should be attracted to, and also the type of sex he should enjoy with her—whether it may be vaginal, oral or anal.

And if you’d think and observe carefully enough the hypocritical feminist sexual trends of today, there’s nothing special about the woman who provides anal. Heterosexual anal sex has been around since antiquity.

With the degenerating quality of modern women today, sometimes anal expertise can actually be the only thing “special” about a woman—or the only specialty she could bring to a relationship, should you choose to ever pursue that with her.

Don’t let women rule your life, or the sex they provide to rule you either. So whether a modern man may like anal or not, he shouldn’t make it an obsession should he like it, because modern women with their feminist hypocrisies can exploit his fetish with it (and their asses) to eventually make a jackass out of him.