Ben Wa Balls: It’s More Than Just A Sex Toy

Ben Wa Balls: It’s More Than Just A Sex Toy

You probably heard about it; Ben Wa balls. And that’s right because these vaginal balls also called Geisha balls; cone balls or Pleasure balls are good for erotic pleasure, your health and fine sex. But what are Ben Wa balls? How do they work exactly? And what can you do with it? And how do you use these Ben Wa balls? And for those who still want to purchase them: what is the right choice?

Strong pelvic floor good for your health, better sex & stronger orgasms

Ben Wa balls are centuries old. They combine sensual enjoyment with effective pelvic floor exercises. This is a successful combination, according to research.

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that lie at the bottom of our pelvis. For convenience we usually talk about the pelvic floor. They literally form the bottom of our basin. This muscle group gives support to the organs in the abdomen and can close our bladder and intestine, allowing us to hold urine and feces. The pelvic floor is also very important in sexuality. The pelvic floor muscles are therefore also called sex muscles. Training pelvic floor muscles provides better orgasm, more fluid, better and sex.

Pelvic floor muscles provide:

  • More feeling while making love for her, but also for him
  • It prevents and helps with unpleasant incontinence complaints
  • More powerful orgasms and easier getting an orgasm
  • More natural moisture production which is extra important during and after the transition
  • More sexual awareness
  • A more intense sensation during penetration
  • Pelvic floor muscles similar to elastic

You can compare the pelvic floor muscles with elastic: when there is little resilience, and if there is too little tension on the elastic, it is too loose and loses its effect. As a result, the feeling during sex can become less and it can be more difficult to get an orgasm. Loss of urine can also occur during sex or orgasm.

How this comes? That has mainly to do with aging. Then muscles, and therefore also the pelvic floor muscle, lose strength. Childbirth and the transition can also weaken the pelvic floor muscles.

Training makes pelvic floor muscles stronger

But for the pelvic floor muscles; fortunately, just as for all other muscles in the body, you can make them stronger by training. Training also gives more control over the muscles. And the beauty is, it is never too late to start with that.

Why is training the pelvic floor muscles with balls so good?

There is a growing trend among women who train their pelvic floor muscles with cones or ben wa balls. You can of course train your pelvic floor muscles without balls, but it is not easy for everyone to find the right muscle. And training the wrong muscles can have a counterproductive effect. Training with balls is a fine solution. And a fun and easy one! You can wear the balls during daily activities and immediately train your pelvic floor muscles. This allows you to train your pelvic floor muscles during cooking.

How do these Ben Wa balls work?

When the balls are inserted, they tend to sag and drop below their own weight. This causes a spontaneous reflex that causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract. This action stimulates and trains the pelvic floor muscles that are so important for sex.

In addition, there is a moving counterweight in most balls. If you wear the balls and then walk, or move, these balls gently rub against the inside of the vagina and cause a slight vibration, or a subtle kinetic vibe. The balls ensure, as it were, that the G-spot is stimulated with every movement. But beware; wearing the balls does not immediately cause an orgasm. It can be a sensual and exciting experience that increases sexual awareness.

The sensitivity of the inside of the vagina is different with every woman and the balls do not automatically lead to excitement. There are many women who do not experience anything sensual when wearing the balls. Or they do not feel at all. The use of the balls is very useful for all women.


Which cone balls should I choose?

There are balls and cones in different shapes and sizes. It is a bit comparable to fitness equipment. For training, for example, the arm muscles, there are light and heavy weights. Depending on what the goal is and what the initial situation is, you choose the right weight. So it is with the cone balls. In addition, the size (the size) of the cone ball plays an important role.

Heavier and smaller cone balls are more difficult. Light and big easier

Holding cone balls is more difficult as the cone balls are smaller and heavier. And the bigger and how light the balls are, how easy they are to hold and carry. Larger ben balls have the added benefit of making you feel better sitting and moving. As a result, they are often experienced as more exciting.

But beware. Not everyone likes a medium or larger cone ball. Do you use tampons in size Small? Then smaller cone balls, like the Luna Beads Mini, will suit you better.