A Beginner’s Guide To Yoni Eggs

A Beginner’s Guide To Yoni Eggs

They are designed to provide passionate orgasms enhance pleasure and strengthen our connection to the female body – Yoni for your lifestyle is the hotly-discussed love practice that has been used in Eastern cultures for millennia for a fulfilling sex life, health and harmony with oneself. Ancient wisdom or esoteric hocus-pocus? We reveal what the egg-shaped love stones made of jade and rose quartz really does how to use them properly and clarify with the help of a gynecologist whether the practice is actually safe.

What are yoni eggs?

What exactly is a yoni egg? Yoni eggs, also known as jade or love eggs are probably the oldest sex toy in the world. These are egg-shaped semi-precious stones that are carefully inserted into the vagina. The practice is said to have been secretly carried out in China by women of the royal family more than 5,000 years ago – it was hoped that more sensuality and passion in bed and various health benefits. However, the word “Yoni” comes from Sanskrit and is used in Tantric teaching as a symbol for the female genitalia, which in turn stand for sensuality, creativity and love.

This is how yoni eggs affect the body

The ancient yoni eggs are valued for their physical as well as their spiritual effects. But let’s start from the beginning: the Intima accessory trains the pelvic floor muscles first and foremost. Because in order to be able to hold the weight of the stone egg, the muscles of the genital area have to work constantly – as a result of a workout they gain strength and strength. This in turn has a positive effect on our sex life: A firm love muscle stimulates the circulation of the sexual organs, which leads to a higher sensitivity during sex and thus for a simpler, more intense orgasm provides. In addition, the vagina narrows with a strong muscle, which makes the penetration more intense for both you and your partner. The yoni workout also benefits your health and well-being. The muscles and ligaments hold together organs such as the bladder, bowel, vagina or uterus – if the pelvic floor is weak, then they can sink downwards with gravity, which over time implicates consequences such as digestive problems, back pain, malaise or a subdued libido can. Strong pelvic floor muscles also protect against incontinence. As these can lose their strength and resilience due to an estrogen deficiency or after birth, Yoni eggs are especially recommended for menopausal women or newly minted mothers (attention, wear only after birth!).


The spiritual meaning of yoni eggs

In tantricteaching, love eggs help the wearer to feel more connected to her yoni – i.e. her femininity and sexuality. The practice thus strengthens the relationship to the whole body and promotes self-love. Often the stones are also worn as support in tantric practices, qigong or yoga. In addition, the power of the stones plays an important role – green shimmering jade should provide for inner harmony, beauty and happiness; while the delicate pink rose quartz opens the heart and promotes love relationships.

Sizes and stones – find the right yoni stone

The Yoni method did it to you? Then, the first step is to find the perfect stone for you. The eggs are made of various semi-precious stones – typical of jade, rose quartz and black obsidian – and in three different sizes. Big, medium or small, the optimal size everyone has to find for themselves, but in principle Yoni beginners are recommended a medium-egg, which is about 30 x 43 millimeters in size. Advanced users can practice with big eggs, which are easy to feel and touch, but their weight can optimally challenge the pelvic floor. Small eggs are only for real yoni goddesses, because the little stone is especially hard to grasp and hold for the muscles. Important when buying is also the quality:

How to use the yoni egg properly

Yoni eggs are gently inserted into the vagina – with the bulbous side in front. It is important to relax, in supine position; the egg-shaped love stone can be particularly well introduced. Also, some lubricant can help. If the stone feels comfortable, it will sit in the right place. Once introduced into the vagina, the yoni egg can then be worn for several hours, one to two hours a day corresponding to an optimal pelvic floor workout. Others, however, swear to carry the egg overnight in the body, especially for beginners, the love stone but can slip out even after a few minutes – do not worry; in this case, it just needs a little more exercise.

The only question left is how to get the yoni egg out again? Anyone who worries that the stone could be “lost” in the vagina uses a return ribbon. Most Yoni stones are equipped with a finely drilled hole to attach a ribbon or chain. Just like a tampon, you just have to pull on it to remove the love stone.