Your Ultimate Guide in Using Penis Plugs

Your Ultimate Guide in Using Penis Plugs

Sex toys bring pep into the love life again and provides for an exciting sex experience. Especially for men, so-called penis plugs are offered. A penis plug causes a more intense sex experience for the man and affects the stamina in a positive way. This is because the sperm are prevented from escaping during ejaculation and there is a stimulation of the urethra. The penis stays longer in the erected state. However, when using a penis plugs, a lot should be considered. Incorrect handling can cause injury and inflammation.

How the penis plug is used

Before using a penis plug, often called prince scepter, it should be thoroughly cleaned. This is best done with a special for sex toys suitable cleaner or a sterilizing solution. Without the previous cleansing threatens infections of the urethra and unpleasant inflammation. In order to facilitate the introduction of the sex toy made of medical grade stainless steel into the urethra, a lubricant should be used. This should be water-based to prevent irritation of the urethra and bladder. Now the Sperm stopper is slowly and carefully inserted into the urethra. If the penis plug is equipped with an acorn wreath, it is carefully placed over the glands. The wreath ensures a secure hold. If the penis plug fits well, sexual intercourse can also take place with the inserted plug. Due to the constant stimulation of the urethra, urine escapes. It is therefore advisable to use a condom during the act. At the same time it gives the benefit of Prince Albert piercing.

After use

After intercourse, the penis plug is removed as carefully as it was introduced. The man should now flush by urination of residues of the lubricant and bacteria from the urethra. Before the penis plug is stored dust-free, it must be thoroughly cleaned again and the sterile state restored.

Enjoy internal stimulation with unprecedented intensity.

This will certainly arouse your interest. Wear a penis plug at the time of masturbation or oral sex and experience complete satisfaction and sensations. A penis plug stimulates the ends of your nerves that are just behind the glands, leading to very intense stimulation. Combined with the stretching feeling, this can result in an incredibly powerful orgasm. Taking the plug out before you get ready will certainly produce an explosive orgasm like you’ve never experienced before.

Chances are you are a bit unsure whether you want to use them, but we promise you will not regret it. The penis is very sensitive and full of nerve endings, so by just wearing a plug you will experience incredible feelings that will definitely make your cock hard.

If you wear it under your clothes you will be stimulated all day long and a stronger and better erection ensures longer playing fun. You might shrink from the thought of putting something in your penis, after all, you usually put it in other holes. But believe us this will improve your sex life and give you the best orgasms you have ever experienced.

Which penis plug should I choose?

You cannot suddenly think of it and then know which penis plug is suitable for you. But luckily you do not have to pay for some free advice. So here are some recommendations for your choice and use of penis plugs.

Stimulating the urethra can be a great experience if done right. Imagine what it would feel like if you could stimulate the inside and outside of your penis at the same time. Many men enjoy this way of stimulating and you can also learn this in a safe way.

Which penis plug or dilator will I choose?

The round and tapering shape helps your urethra to adjust to the subtle stretching of this and to get through the opening of your penis in the urethra. Save the somewhat more extreme shapes and styles for the moment you are already more used to the feeling.

In general it is good to have a plug that has either a ring at the end or runs very wide in that way it cannot come in and disappear. The material most commonly used for dilators and plugs is stainless steel or surgical steel to be more specific 314 or 316L metal. These plugs are generally polished, which means that these plugs have been polished so long that they are very smooth. We do not recommend using chrome dilators and plugs. This kind of dilators and plugs damage a lot easier than polished dilators. That’s why it’s important that you don’t buy just anywhere. Check out the quality penis plugs for sale here.


You will also find aluminum or silicone dilators and penis plugs. These materials are safe for your body and can be repeatedly sterilized.