Power Bottom: Your Guide for a Cleaner Anal Sex

Power Bottom: Your Guide for a Cleaner Anal Sex

For almost every gay man, anal cleaning is of great importance. Of course, this is not the most interesting topic to talk about with wine on a romantic night while your partner’s eyes shine and absorb your every move. That is why we are here to answer all your doubts.


You will agree that you will not enjoy sex properly if your bottom is not perfectly clean and fragrant. However, keep in mind that if an accident happens, well, it happened. Most men don’t care about it because it’s all normal. But to boost your confidence and help you prepare for a special evening, keep reading this anal cleaning guide.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

That doesn’t mean that you need to drink a gallon of water half an hour before the date, dinner, or surprise you want to throw to your loved one. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated at all times. Wondering why that matters? Trust us that there’s a good reason for this.


We have in mind the prevention of hemorrhoids which can be very painful and large. If you get them, you won’t even think about sex. Of course, as a gay man, you can satisfy your man in various other ways. But if you want to go further into the sexual act itself, you will not be able to. Hydrate regularly.

Don’t Eat Anything 4 Hours Before Sex

Of course, you need to hydrate throughout the day, but when it comes to eating — maybe dinner should be served after sex. Candles and music would be enough atmosphere. For clean anal sex, you should not eat 4 hours before.


Also, avoid foods that cause gas or bloating. You can also use one of the best tricks often used by gay men. Have breakfast that stimulates fast digestion. That will help you go to the toilet in the morning or at noon. This way, you’ll be ready for a dirty ride in the evening. Or, if you plan to enjoy the ride in the morning, set the eating schedule differently.


We know that it takes an adult 6–8 hours to digest food. Therefore, many men, to avoid anal cleaning during sex, starve themselves. That is absolutely unnecessary. Simply follow the “4 hours” rule and have a balanced diet and routine throughout the day so that your body requires a toilet at the same time each day.

Eat More Fibre-Enriched Food

And when it comes to foods that you should consume as part of a healthy and balanced daily menu, it is definitely a high-fiber diet. Of course, this should not be exaggerated either. Since fiber is a natural laxative, it is necessary to eat only 25 to 30 grams of fiber-enriched food a day.


Whole grains and fruit are a great combination for breakfast. Avocados and broccoli can be great for dinner and popcorn as a healthy snack. You see, it’s not hard. These are all fiber-enriched food, so add them to your daily meals.


This will greatly contribute to anyone who wants to have clean anal sex. You will not have to go to the toilet or feel any discomfort during the act. And in those 4 hours before sex drive with your partner, consume only those foods after which you feel light and, in general, good.


Fiber will clean your butt, so eat it in the morning and afternoon. And to avoid being hungry and at the same time to avoid any discomfort, here’s what to eat 4 hours before anal sex. The golden rule: eat only what has not caused gas in the past, the need to use the toilet, or any other discomfort.

You May Use Enema

We hope you’re enjoying our anal cleaning guide by now. If you are a gay man who has had any difficulties with these things so far or the discomfort of talking about it, we are sure that you will get rid of any doubts today. And here’s another tip: you may use an enema.


Enema is a thing that you insert into your anus to clean your bowels and thus avoid difficulties during intercourse. It is often used for medical purposes to allow a medical examination, but you can also do this at home. Simply research what is recommended by the experts and order.


What we are going to tell you is to keep your eyes wide open as you read the instructions. Then choose what works best for you. Most often, for the mentioned purposes, people use shower enemas, enema bulbs, or fleet enemas.

A shower enema is an attachment to your shower and, through it, water flows into the anus and thus cleans it. The enema rubber bulb has a thin tip that you insert into the anus. The safest way of pre-sex anal cleaning is to use the fleet enema, which has saline and will encourage going to the toilet on time. That is often used for constipation as well, so it can’t hurt you.

Anal Douching

Anal douching equals anal cleaning. Power cleaning will get rid of faecal remnants, so this is a great way to prepare for clean anal sex. It is up to you to choose whether to do this or not. This step, like we already mentioned, is not mandatory. It depends on how well you know your body and your gut.


How do you do this, anyway? It’s simple and safe. First of all, let the water drain a little. Set the water to be lukewarm to avoid burning. If you decide to use an enema, don’t forget to read the instructions carefully. Also, you should lubricate the top of the douche.


You can wash your anus in the shower or take out the toilet. Select the appropriate position and gently insert the nozzle into the hole. When it comes to extraction, the instructions with the device you are using are crucial. Repeat the process until the water coming out of you is completely clean.


And now a reminder of something very important. Everybody poops. If there is any unexpected discomfort, accept them with a smile and move on. Your partner, if he is right for you, will understand.


Clean anal sex is essential in terms of avoiding bacteria after sex as well as using protection. But, of course, you are not obliged to clean the anus if you do not want to and agree on everything with your partner.