What Are Vaginal Weights?

What Are Vaginal Weights?

Have you ever heard of vaginal weights? Well, vaginal weight is a new concept in the “V” scene and is fast getting popular thanks to leading relationship & sex coach K. Anami. Put simply, these so called weights are nothing but exercise tools especially designed for the vagina. Their primary purpose is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. When your pelvic muscles are in great shape, you will enjoy reduced urinary leakage during laughing or coughing or other stressful activities. But most importantly, vaginal weights assure better internal control in times of penetration and consequently an amazing sex life.

Different kinds of vaginal weights

There are mostly 3 kinds of vaginal weights:

Jade egg

It’s a small oval-shaped stone which can insert inside your vagina for effective vagina weightlifting. You will have to tie a heavy object (heavier than the stone) to the egg with a sturdy string. However, don’t use jade eggs frequently for weightlifting. It’s because, jade egg stones are usually made of porous material which tends to trap bacteria over time. Moreover, these are also tough to clean which only leads to further growth of bacteria. If you use a bacteria-laden jade egg, you are going to end up with some serious infection in the delicate area.

Vaginal cones

Vaginal cones are the most popular weights when it comes to vaginal weightlifting. These are made from tampon-sized objects which are plastic-coated items manufactured from stainless steel. You will get these cones in sets of 6, that range from 20g-100g in size. You should start with the smallest one initially and then gradually go to larger weights.

Kegel weights

The Kegel weights are also great for vaginal weightlifting. These exercise weights are made from medical-grade silicone for optimum safety of the user. You will find them in varied shapes, ranging from spheres to teardrops.

However, it’s to note here that whichever weight you use, you should consult with your doctor beforehand. A licensed sexologist will be able to determine whether or not weightlifting will be suitable for you- and if so what kind of weight you should use.

Tips on vaginal weightlifting:

Tips for preparation

Both you and the weight must be completely clean and tidy before you start the weightlifting process. According to experts, you should wash hands properly with soap & water. Don’t forget the weight tool. You must wash it with soapy water as well. Follow this routine every time you lift the weight. Make sure all the soapy residue has been washed away from the weight before you use it.

Tips for insertion

Now, this is the most crucial step of the weight lifting process and you have to be really careful throughout. Have a silicone-free lube handy. You have to apply it on the weight for a smooth insertion inside your body. Have you ever used a tampon? If yes, great- you will insert the weight exactly the similar way as you do with a tampon. But even if you haven’t, don’t worry. Just lie down on a comfortable surface on the back & lift one leg. Then, insert it slowly.

You have to tie an object on your weight (vaginal weight) and the string must stay outside the body when you push in the weight.

Tips for weightlifting

After you have inserted the weight, start squeezing the pelvic muscles gradually. It will keep the weight in place.  If you are okay, lift & squeeze weight for around 5 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. You have to perform the exercise in 3 sets (12 repetitions), twice a day and thrice a week.

Don’t worry- it’s a simple process. It may feel like a tough thing to do initially but gradually you will get used to it.

Finally, don’t forget to wash the weight properly after you use it.